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Yantai Joyshing Glass Co.,LTD. ,as a specialized and leading manufacturer and supplier of various glass products in China, aims to provide advanced one-stop glass solution to construction, decoration, transportation, defence, leisure & sports and so on. 


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  • The difference between tempered glass and semi-tempered glass

    What is semi-tempered glass Semi-toughened glass also known as heat reinforced glass. Semi tempered glass between the ordinary plate glass and a variety of tempered glass, it has some of the advantages of tempered glass, such as strength is higher than ordinary float gla...

  • Glass curtain wall key and difficult analysis and countermeasures!

    Glass curtain wall key and difficult analysis and countermeasures! Glass curtain wall is a beautiful and novel building wall decoration method, is a significant feature of the era of modernism high-rise buildings, but if the construction of glass curtain wall is not good, it will bring a lot of p...

  • What distinction do vitreous curtain wall and aluminum alloy door window have?

    Glass curtain wall, and the construction curtain wall, curtain wall, is a kind of modern buildings often use elevation, generally by the material such as metal, glass, stone and man-made plank, installed in the outermost layers of the building, role, such as wall, beauti...

  • Application principle of energy saving glass in central control

    Modern architecture, on the basis of the pursuit of practical functions, has higher and higher requirements for architectural aesthetics. The glass curtain wall can present different tones in the sunlight and show the dynamic beauty with the change of sunlight and lighti...

  • What are the specifications for curtain wall glass installation

    In fact, we are not unfamiliar with curtain wall glass.Curtainwall glass is a new type of contemporary wall, the biggest characteristic of which is to organically unify architectural aesthetics, architectural function, architectural energy saving and architectural struct...