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Self-explosion reasons and preventive measures of toughend glass


Latest company news about Self-explosion reasons and preventive measures of toughend glass

Reasons for self-explosion of toughened glass:
1. The glass raw material contains nickel sulfide crystals, which causes self-explosion. This is an unavoidable factor in the industry. (Note: The self-explosion rate of ordinary toughened glass is 0.3%)
2. The quality of tempered glass is unqualified: there are stones, impurities, bubbles, uneven thickness, etc. in the glass, causing self-explosion.
3. The factory processing level is not high: Improper operation causes defects such as scratches, cracks, and deep edges in the glass. Concentrated stress causes the tempered glass to self-explode.
4. The higher the degree of tempering, the higher the self-destruction rate.
5. Improper transportation and installation: causing squeezing force on the edges or corners of the glass, causing the glass to burst.


How to reduce the self-explosion of toughened glass? There are several measures:
1. Choose glass sheets from regular manufacturers, with high quality and low self-explosion rate.
2. Choose ultra-white glass. Ultra-white glass is also low-iron glass. It contains less impurities and has a lower self-explosion rate.
3. Perform secondary heat treatment on tempered glass, namely Heat Soaked Test. The self-explosion rate after heat soaking is 0.15-0.1%
4. Under the requirement of strength design, the stress value of tempered glass should be controlled between 95Mpa. Not only is the self-explosion rate low, but the deformation of the glass is small and the flatness is good.
5. Choose a kind of safety glass with relatively safe processing technology, such as semi-toughened laminated glass
6. Apply explosion-proof film to the glass surface.


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