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Latest company news about Responsibility


Joy Shing Glass always adheres to the value of "being responsible for customers, employees and society", supplies customers with quality products, provides employees with a good working environment, continuously increases environmental protection investment and optimizes energy use, fulfills social responsibilities and promotes harmonious coexistence between the company, society and the environment.

Protect Environment And Promote Sustainable Development

1. Continue to increase investment in environmental protection and adhere to the green production path
The company organizes production operations around the principles of plant intensiveness, harmless raw materials, clean production, waste resource utilization, and low-carbon energy. In addition to strict control of the production process, industrial waste has also been comprehensively utilized, such as denitrification ash recycling and desulfurization solid waste used for brick making or paving, etc. Pollutant emissions have been kept at a low level for a long time, green manufacturing has been actively promoted, and environmental protection management has achieved remarkable results.


2. Optimize energy use and support the "dual carbon" strategy
Rely on energy-saving technologies to optimize energy use structure, achieve energy emission reduction and sustainable development; Promote the development of new materials and new energy industries such as building energy-saving glass and photovoltaic glass, and help achieve the "carbon peak and carbon neutrality" goals.

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Protect Employees' Rights And Interests

1. Comply with labor laws and regulations and build harmonious labor relations
Strictly abide by the requirements of the Labor Law, Labor Contract Law and other laws and regulations to establish standardized labor relations; establish and implement a statutory employee vacation system to ensure that employees enjoy various statutory holidays and other paid holidays stipulated by the state, and promote healthy and harmonious work and life of employees.


2. Improve the salary and welfare system and pay attention to the vital interests of employees
Provide employees with competitive salary and benefits; purchase five insurances and one housing fund, provide free annual physical examinations, various subsidies, holiday gifts and other benefits; carry out various team building activities and cultural and sports activities to create an environment for employees to work happily and live healthily.


3. Optimize the talent training system and broaden the growth channels for employees
The company continues to build a team of internal trainers to provide employees with rich learning resources and multi-dimensional learning opportunities. At the same time, new employee induction training and business-specific support, open classes, and internal learning platforms are also available.

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Corporate Mission

Provide world-leading glass processing solutions

Corporate Vision

Become a model of glass deep processing enterprise worthy of respect and trust





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