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Joy Shing Glass: High Quality Laminated Glass Sheets Supplier


Latest company news about Joy Shing Glass: High Quality Laminated Glass Sheets Supplier

Joy Shing Glass is a supplier of high quality laminated glass sheets. Source manufacturer, the price is more favorable. We have advanced production equipment, mature production technology, and strict quality management system to ensure high quality and stable supply of products.


Regular size of laminated glass sheets:


laminated glass sheets


How does Joy Shing Glass ensure the high quality of laminated glass sheets?

Raw material:

1. Use high-quality float glass, including architectural-grade float glass, automotive-grade float glass, and mirror-grade float glass. Customers can choose according to different applications.

2. High-quality PVB film, CE certified. Including: building grade, automotive grade, thermal insulation grade. You can choose independently.

Production equipment and processes:

1. More than 10 years of production experience, mature technology

2. Professional production process:

①Glass cleaning and drying - ② Lamination - ③ Pre-pressure exhaust - ④ High pressure molding

Video display

Our company's laminated glass panels are operated in a sterile environment. Every employee on the production line has undergone strict training and is responsible for carefully inspecting each process to ensure the high quality of the product.

For more details, please refer to: Laminated glass production line

Quality control:

Our staff conduct strict quality monitoring during the entire production process, including appearance quality, dimensional deviation, physical performance, etc. Ensure products meet standards.

Laminated glass quality control

Safe packaging and shipping

1. Separate the glass with cork pads to avoid breakage.

2. Packed in fumigation-free plywood boxes and reinforced with iron straps and wooden blocks to ensure safe transportation.

Laminated glass sheets packaging


Joy Shing Glass is a professional glass manufacturer and solution provider. We can provide high-quality glass, glass deep processing, integrated glass project solutions, online technical support and other services for your project. If you are looking for high quality glass suppliers, feel free to contact us.

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