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9 Advantages of Vacuum Glass In Building Renovation


Latest company news about 9 Advantages of Vacuum Glass In Building Renovation

As a new generation of energy-saving building glass, vacuum glass has the following 9 advantages in building renovation.


1. Light and thin: reducing the amount of window frame profiles, hardware, etc., as well as the building load-bearing, it has a comprehensive cost advantage for the entire window and is not affected by the installation angle. The minimum thickness of vacuum glass is 6.3mm.


2. Excellent thermal insulation effect: The heat transfer coefficient of vacuum glass is low, which can reduce the loss of indoor heat in winter and lower the indoor temperature in summer.

Note: U value: Ordinary single glass is 6W/㎡·K, insulated glass is 3W/㎡·K, double insulated glass is 1.5-1.8W/㎡·K, and vacuum glass is below 0.6W/㎡·K.


3. Energy saving and consumption reduction: Significantly reduce cooling and heating costs and coal consumption for power generation, saving up to 60% of energy costs.


4. Lead-free materials: Joy Shing vacuum glass uses environmentally friendly lead-free sealing materials, which contributes to sustainable development.


5. Strong sound insulation effect: The insulation volume of vacuum glass reaches 38 decibels, and the noise reduction and sound insulation effect is remarkable for medium and low frequency noise with strong penetrating power (such as traffic noise, construction, infrasound waves, etc.).


6. Anti-condensation: The condensation temperature of vacuum glass is ≤-51℃, and can prevent "internal condensation", allowing you to fully experience the natural scenery outside the window. At the same time, the service life of LOW-E membrane is extended.


7. High safety: Fully tempered vacuum glass has higher impact resistance/wind pressure resistance/strength.


8. Reduce installation costs: Traditional facade renovation requires a lot of manpower, cost and time, resulting in high costs. Vacuum glass can be installed directly without changing the original window frame, and the installation speed is faster; and the vacuum glass replacement project can be completed indoors, without the need for outdoor use. Vacuum glass can be bonded to and work with original glass panels in the interior.


9. Long service life and good durability: Joy Shing vacuum glass is sealed with inorganic materials and has a service life of more than 35 years, which is much higher than insulating glass.


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