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Curved Glass: Hot Bent Glass VS Curved Tempered Glass


Latest company news about Curved Glass: Hot Bent Glass VS Curved Tempered Glass

Curved glass refers to glass that has been specially processed to have a curved surface. In the manufacturing process of curved glass, the two common types are hot bent glass and curved tempered glass. They have some differences in processing methods, characteristics and applications.


1. Different processing methods

  • Hot bent glass is made by heating flat glass above its softening point, placing it on a specially shaped mold, using gravity or auxiliary tools to bend it into the desired shape, and cooling it naturally.
  • Curved tempered glass is processed through specific molds and equipment to the softening point, and then cooled evenly and quickly with cold air. The surface of the tempered glass forms uniform compressive stress, while the interior forms tensile stress, which effectively improves the strength of the glass. Bending and impact resistance.


2. Different characteristics

①Diversity of shapes: Hot bent glass products have various styles and can achieve larger curvatures and complex surface shapes; curved tempered glass has a single style.

②Safety: Hot bent glass is unsafe glass, and the glass breaks into sharp fragments.

Curved tempered glass is safety glass, and its strength, impact resistance, and bending resistance are 4-5 times that of ordinary glass. The glass fragments are in the shape of small obtuse-angle particles and are less harmful.

③Appearance quality: The surface of hot bent glass is smooth and has no light distortion; the curved tempered glass has wind spots and broken shadows.

④Different reprocessing capabilities: Hot bent glass products can be reprocessed by cutting, drilling, etc.;

Curved tempered glass has no secondary processing capabilities.


3. Different applications

  • Hot bent glass has beautiful appearance and is often used in interior decoration, furniture, display cabinets and other fields. It is especially suitable for designs that require complex curved shapes and artistic effects.
  • Curved tempered glass is widely used in construction fields, such as curtain walls, showcases, escalators, etc., as well as in home appliances, automobiles and other industries, and is favored for its strength and safety performance.


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