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Self-adhesive Smart Film: Advantages & Installation Methods


Latest company news about Self-adhesive Smart Film: Advantages & Installation Methods

Self-adhesive smart film is a film that can change the transparency of glass. It uses adhesive backing and can be directly attached to the glass and can be used as soon as the power is turned on. The glass is transparent when the power is on and atomized when the power is off.


The advantages of self-adhesive smart film are as follows:
1. Convenient transportation and low cost: The self-adhesive smart film eliminates the weight of the glass, facilitates express logistics and transportation, and reduces transportation costs.
2. Easy installation and cost saving: Self-adhesive smart film reduces the installation of glass. At the same time, during renovation and renovation, it can be installed directly on the existing glass without replacing the glass, which is economical and economical. It is also easy to replace if you want to later.
3. Protect privacy: The self-adhesive smart film can be transparent or atomized through voltage control, so that the same area can have the dual requirements of privacy and openness at the same time. Very suitable for use in scenes that separate spaces and protect privacy, such as bathrooms, conference rooms, bedrooms, bank counters, restaurants, etc.
4. Does not take up space and is easy to clean: The smart film adheres closely to the glass and does not occupy space as bulky as curtains, making it easy to clean.
5. Can be used as a projection screen: the smart film will appear opaque when the power is off, with a very good projection effect and a full sense of technology.


See the video for how to install the self-adhesive smart film:

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