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Tempered Insulated Glass or Tempered Laminated Glass For Sunroom?


Latest company news about Tempered Insulated Glass or Tempered Laminated Glass For Sunroom?

Should choose tempered insulated glass or tempered laminated glass for the sunroom glass? Let’s see:


1. Tempered insulated glass provides better thermal insulation

Tempered insulated glass consists of two or more panes of glass separated by a layer of air or inert gas. It is manufactured by subjecting the glass to a heating and cooling process, making it stronger and more resistant to breakage than regular glass. It has good heat insulation, sound insulation, thermal insulation and energy-saving properties. Heat insulation can reach more than 60% in summer. Noise reduction 30 decibels.

Using tempered insulated glass as the panel of the sunroom can ensure that indoor heat is not easily lost, and plays the role of heat insulation in summer and warmth in winter.

Photo of Tempered Insulated Glass

We can customize tempered insulated glass upon request

2. Tempered laminated glass has better impact resistance

Tempered laminated glass, the middle layer is mostly PVB film, a kind of safety glass that bonds two or more layers of glass together through a special process of heating and high pressure. It has very good earthquake resistance, impact resistance and explosion-proof performance.

Generally, the roof of a sunroom is made of tempered laminated glass. Because there is PVB film in the middle of the glass, even if objects fall from high altitude, the glass fragments will not fly, but will stick firmly to the PVB film to maintain the integrity of the glass. The structure can continue to block wind, rain and external impact in a short period of time. Avoid accidental injuries caused by falling glass.

Photo of Tempered Laminated Glass

We can customize tempered laminated glass upon request

In general, both types of glass have their own advantages. Tempered laminated glass has good seismic resistance, but when it comes to thermal insulation, tempered insulated glass has a slight advantage. Therefore, it is recommended to use tempered laminated glass on the top of the sunroom, and tempered insulating glass on the facade.

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