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Why Choose Joy Shing Vacuum Glass?


Latest company news about Why Choose Joy Shing Vacuum Glass?

As a new generation of energy-saving architectural glass, vacuum glass has the advantages of low heat transfer coefficient, thermal insulation, strong sound insulation performance, anti-frost and dew condensation, light and thin structure, and long service life. It is widely used in commercial building renovations and high-end buildings. Doors, windows, and curtain walls of new buildings such as decoration, green buildings, ultra-low energy buildings, and passive houses.


As a professional glass manufacturer, Joy Shing Glass supplies high-quality vacuum glass. Our advantages are as follows:


1. Technological advantages

Obtained patent authorization and created an original one-step vacuum glass production process. The glass is sealed in a high vacuum environment of 10-4Pa to maintain uniform glass performance. All materials and equipment are independently developed, and various indicators such as output, quality, cost, price, and automation level are all superior to the two-step method.


2. Equipment advantages

Advanced production equipment ensures stable supply.

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Tamglass tempering furnace

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Insulated glass production line

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vacuum sealing production line

3. Successful cases

It has served 7 countries and 32 industries, helping hundreds of companies save energy and reduce emissions. Including: schools, shopping mall renovations, villas, ecological parks, greenhouses, photovoltaics, etc.


4. Product advantages

① One-step method, no air extraction holes, smooth glass and stable quality.

② Low-temperature glass powder formula, low melting point glass brazing, new long-lasting getter.

③ Fully tempered vacuum, high strength.

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