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What Gas Is Best For Insulated Glass?


Latest company news about What Gas Is Best For Insulated Glass?

Insulated glass is a type of glass widely used in the construction industry. Its middle part is usually filled with an inert gas, such as argon. This kind of gas filling has two main functions:


First, it can isolate external heat and cold air and keep the indoor temperature stable;

Second, it can effectively reduce the interference of external noise and improve the comfort of living.


In production, argon is the main inert gas filled in the middle of insulated glass. Argon has a relatively high atomic number, so its chemical properties are very stable and it does not easily react with other elements. This also means that argon can be used in insulated glass for many years and maintain good performance.

In addition to argon, we can also fill other inert gases in the insulated glass according to customer needs. For example, some customers will request the use of heavier gases such as krypton or xenon, which can further enhance the thermal and sound insulation effects of insulated glass. For different customer needs, our factory's technical staff will carry out professional design and production to ensure the best quality and performance of the products.


In general, insulated glass has become an indispensable part of modern architecture with its unique structural and performance advantages. Joy Shing Glass provides our customers with the highest quality insulated glass products with professional and high-quality production and services. Whether it is in terms of thermal insulation, sound insulation or safety performance, we will go all out to provide customers with the most satisfactory solutions. If you need more details, you can contact us anytime.


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