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How to choose safer shower room glass?


Latest company news about How to choose safer shower room glass?

When decorating the bathroom, the design and material selection of the shower room are very important. Especially for the glass of the shower room, we should choose safer and more reliable materials to ensure safety. Here are a few suggestions:


1. Choose tempered glass. Tempered glass is called safety glass, which has high strength and thermal stability and is not easy to break. Even if it is broken, it will not produce sharp fragments to cause serious injuries. Of course, the thickness of the glass is not the thicker the better. It is usually recommended to choose 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm tempered glass.


2. If you are worried about safety issues, you can consider choosing laminated glass because it has higher impact resistance and fragment retention ability. Even when the glass is broken, no flying glass fragments will be generated. The fragments will be firmly glued to the film, maintaining the complete glass structure, which is safer.


3. Ask professionals to install it to ensure that the connection between the glass and other structures is firm and reliable.


Choosing safe shower room glass can create a safe and reliable bathroom environment for us. As a high-quality glass supplier, Joy Shing Glass's products have undergone strict quality inspections and are safe and reliable. At the same time, we can customize and deep-process glass as required to provide you with an integrated shower room glass solution. If you are looking for high-quality shower room glass, feel free to contact us.

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