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One-step Vacuum Glass VS Two-step Vacuum Glass


Latest company news about One-step Vacuum Glass VS Two-step Vacuum Glass

What is one-step vacuum glass?

One-step vacuum glass involves heating, vacuuming and edge-sealing the glass in a special vacuum chamber. There are no air extraction holes on the glass surface or corners.


What is two-step vacuum glass?

Two-step vacuum glass is heated, edge-sealed and cooled in an edge-sealing furnace. Then it is sent to the vacuum furnace for heating, vacuuming, and sealing of the exhaust port. The exhaust hole needs to be reserved on the glass surface.


What are the advantages of one-step vacuum glass vs two-step vacuum glass?

1. Process advantages: One-step vacuum glass eliminates the air extraction holes, which solves the problem of internal outgassing of the sealing material, allowing the vacuuming and edge sealing processes to be completed simultaneously in the continuous vacuum chamber.

2. Cost and price advantages: Compared with two-step vacuum glass, one-step vacuum glass has higher output and yield, labor costs and energy consumption are reduced by more than 60%, and production costs are reduced by nearly 30%. Therefore, the price is cheaper than the two-step vacuum glass.

3. Quality advantage: The one-step vacuum glass has no air extraction hole design, which makes the glass surface smooth, the product quality is more stable, and the spontaneous breakage rate is low. The service life is more than 35 years.


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