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6 Advantages Of TPU Bulletproof Glass Film


Latest company news about 6 Advantages Of TPU Bulletproof Glass Film

The 6 advantages of TPU bulletproof glass film are as follows:


1. High strength

TPU bulletproof film is 5-10 times stronger than PVB film, and can be effectively used in bulletproof glass of banks and anti-smashing glass of villas.

2. Excellent bulletproof performance

The elasticity and toughness of TPU bulletproof glass film can effectively absorb and disperse the energy from the trajectory, resist the penetration of high-speed projectiles, and provide reliable protection.

3. Lightweight

TPU bulletproof glass film is combined with PC board to make bulletproof glass, which is light in weight and more convenient to carry and install.

4. Cold-resistant, aging-resistant and weather-resistant

TPU bulletproof glass film can remain unchanged in an environment of -40℃ to +70℃, and is not easy to yellow and age.

5. Anti-ultraviolet

TPU bulletproof film can reduce ultraviolet rays and block more than 99% of harmful light.

6. Environmentally friendly and decomposable

TPU bulletproof glass film is composed of only one material, which is neutral, non-toxic and tasteless. It is a high-tech environmentally friendly material.


As a professional bulletproof glass manufacturer, Joy Shing Glass can customize and process glass as required, providing you with an integrated bulletproof glass solution. Our products have undergone rigorous quality inspections and penetration tests and fully meet the standards. They are widely used in armored vehicles, aircraft, automobiles, information technology, new energy, high-end equipment, banks and other bulletproof fields.

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