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8+8mm Red Laminated Glass 0.76mm PVB Interlayer Laminated Glass

8+8mm Red Laminated Glass 0.76mm PVB Interlayer Laminated Glass

8+8mm Red Laminated Glass

0.76mm PVB Laminated Glass

PVB Interlayer Laminated Glass

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Laminated Glass JY-L502

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Product Details
Red Laminated Glass
150*150mm To 3300*22000mm,custom Size
Total Thickness:
16.76mm. Customized
Single Glass Thickness:
8mm. More Thickness Available 3mm To 22mm
PVB Thickness:
0.76mm. Other Thickness Available 0.38mm, 1.14mm, 1.52mm, 3.04mm,etc.
Glass Color:
Ultra Clear. More Colors Available, Clear, Red, Green, Blue, Grey, Blue Grey, Etc.
PVB Color:
Red. More Colors Available, Clear, Ultra Clear, Milk White, Grey, Green, Blue, Etc.
Flat, Curved. Customized
10 Years
Lead Time:
Generally 15-20 Days
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 wooden box
Packaging Details
Wooden box
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
Product Description

8+8mm Red Laminated Glass 0.76mm PVB Interlayer Laminated Glass


Joy Shing Glass supplies red laminated glass, and the wholesale purchase price is more favorable. 8+8mm red laminated glass consists of two pieces of 8mm ultra clear glass sandwiched with a layer of 0.76mm red PVB film. As a professional glass manufacturer, our company can customize and deeply process glass as required, including size, shape, thickness, color, edge grinding, drilling, slotting, coating, tempering, etc. providing you with integrated laminated glass awning solutions. If you are looking for high-quality glass suppliers, feel free to contact us for details, quotes, samples, etc.


Why choose Joy Shing Glass?

1. More than 10 years experiences on glass manufacturing and exporting
2. Advanced glass machines and technology
3. Excellent quality with very competitive price
4. Export to more 75 countries over 500 customers in the world
5. Customize all kinds of glass products for each client
6. Safety package and fast delivery
7. Have technical workers and professional sales team offer personalized and dedicated services


Product Specification

Name Red Laminated Glass

8mm ultra clear glass+ 0.76mm red PVB+ 8mm ultra clear glass

Double-layer, three-layer, four-layer and multi-layer can be customized as required.

Total Thickness


Other thickness 6.38mm to 100mm, Can be produced on request

Single Glass Thickness

8mm. Other thickness available:


PVB Thickness 0.76mm, other thickness: 0.38mm, 1.14mm, 1.52mm,3.04mm,etc.

150*150mm to 3300*22000mm,customized size

Glass Color

Ultra clear. Other colors can also produce: 

Clear, Euro Grey, Bronze, Blue, Green, Red, etc.

PVB Color

Red. Other colors such as: 

Clear, ultra clear, yellow,blue,green,black,milk white,and other tinted

Shape Flat, curved. Customized
Packaging Details

Sea Worthy Strong Wooden Crates

Use protective paper film and soft wood pad for seprate glass avoid breaking.

All glass are packed in strong wooden crates,nailed and strapped.

Warranty 10 years

Generally 15-20 days, depend on order quantity.

Deep processing

Printed Logo,Edge&Corner Processing,Drilling, Cutting, Coated, Tempered, Insulated,HST, Screen printing, Hot melting, etc.

Payment Terms 30% deposit, and balance before shipment by T/T


Customized service

Can customize the thickness of glass, PVB thickness, PVB color, glass color, glass size,glass shape,edge, angle etc


Features of Red Laminated Glass

1. Safety: Red Laminated glass is designed to provide enhanced safety compared to regular glass. In the event of breakage, the pvb interlayer holds the glass fragments together, reducing the risk of injury from sharp shards.
2. Sound Insulation: The PVB interlayer in laminated glass helps to reduce noise transmission, making it suitable for applications where sound control is important.
3. UV Protection: Red laminated glass with an interlayer can offer UV protection by blocking a significant portion of harmful ultraviolet rays, helping to prevent fading and damage to interior furnishings.
4. Enhanced Security: The multiple layers of glass and the interlayer provide added security, making it more difficult for intruders to gain access through the glass.
5. Design Options: The red color of the glass adds an aesthetic element, allowing for creative and decorative applications.

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1. Quality control of Laminated Glass: Ensure the high quality of products.

8+8mm Red Laminated Glass 0.76mm PVB Interlayer Laminated Glass 0
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1. Architectural Projects: 8+8mm Red Laminated Glass can be used for exterior windows, doors, and facades, providing both safety and an attractive design element.
2. Interior Partitions: It is suitable for creating interior partitions in commercial spaces, offices, or residential areas, offering privacy and sound insulation while maintaining an open feel.
3. Balustrades and Railings: Red laminated glass can be used for balustrades and railings, providing safety and a visually appealing design.
4. Decorative Applications: The red color of the glass can be used for decorative purposes, such as wall cladding, signage, and artistic installations, adding a vibrant and eye-catching element to the space.

Application of Red Laminated Glass8+8mm Red Laminated Glass 0.76mm PVB Interlayer Laminated Glass 5

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More laminated glass application cases

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