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Aluminum Glass Window Solutions

Aluminum Glass Window Solutions

Aluminum Glass Window Solutions

Aluminum Glass Window

Customized Aluminum Glass Window

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Product Details
Aluminum Glass Window
Opening Method:
Casement Window, Sliding Window, Tilt And Turn Window, Top-hung Window, Etc.
Glass, Aluminum Alloy Profiles, Hardware Accessories, Etc.
Customized Size
Modern, European Style, Retro, Etc., Can Be Customized
15-20 Days
5 Years
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 wooden box
Packaging Details
Coner protection + PE foam protection + 5 layers corrugated carton / honey comb carton
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
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Product Description

Joy Shing Glass supplies high-quality aluminum glass window. We can customize and deeply process the glass according to requirements, including size, shape, color, thickness, etc. We can provide integrated aluminum glass window solutions, installation guidance, technical advice, hardware matching, etc. for your project based on the specific use environment and needs.


Integrated Aluminum Glass Window Solutions

1. Types of Aluminum Glass Windows

  • Available according to function:

Energy-saving windows (usually hollow, vacuum glass), lighting windows, smart windows, security windows (usually laminated glass), soundproof windows (usually hollow, vacuum, laminated or composite insulated glass, etc.), fire windows, privacy windows , blinds, etc.

  • Available according to material:

Aluminum alloy windows, broken bridge aluminum windows, UPVC windows,etc.

  • According to the opening method, it can be provided:

Casement windows, sliding windows, folding windows, fixed windows, inward-opening inward-turning windows, top-down hanging windows, split windows, etc.

Types of Aluminum Glass Windows

2. Glass Options For Aluminum Glass Windows

  • Single glazing: Single glazing is the most basic option and comes with a lower cost. However, its thermal insulation performance is poor and it does not have a good blocking effect on the transmission of heat and sound.
  • Laminated glass: Using multi-layer glass and special laminated materials, it has high impact resistance and safety. It prevents accidental chipping or damage, providing extra security.
  • Tempered glass: It has the characteristics of strong impact resistance and high safety.
  • Insulated glass: It is formed by leaving a certain gap between two layers of glass and can be filled with air or inert gas (such as argon). It has good thermal insulation performance, can reduce heat transfer and improve indoor thermal insulation effect. The hollow layer also reduces the transmission of noise.
  • Privacy glass: Privacy can be achieved through the use of special textures, coatings, louvers or electronically controlled technology. It can change the transparency of the glass, limiting indoor vision and protecting privacy. For example: dimming glass, frosted glass, patterned glass, blinds, etc.
  • Vacuum glass: It is composed of two pieces of tempered glass and a vacuum layer. It has super heat insulation, heat preservation, sound insulation and energy-saving effects.
  • Low-e glass: Low-e glass (Low-E glass) is coated with an extremely thin metal film on the glass surface, which can reflect thermal radiation and reduce the entry of solar heat and the loss of indoor heat. It has excellent thermal insulation properties, keeping indoors cool or warm and reducing energy consumption.
  • Reflective glass: Also called mirror glass, it comes in various colors such as gold, brown, gray, purple, brown, bronze and light blue. The degree of light transmission can be adjusted according to the intensity and angle of sunlight, reducing indoor heat accumulation and glare, and providing a more comfortable and energy-saving environment.

The above glass can be tempered, laminated, hollow and other deep processing, and any size and thickness can be provided. We can provide you with the most suitable glass selection suggestions based on your usage needs. Welcome to contact us for more details.


3. High Quality Hardware

  • We provide hardware such as hinges, slide rails, pulleys, hinges, handles, latches, door locks, positioners, door closers, sealing auxiliary materials, etc. We can install them according to the types of doors and windows. Glass windows that have been initially assembled can be directly Install and use.


4. Customized & Deep-processed Content

  • Glass processing: cutting, edges, corners, holes, coating, lamination, tempering, hollowing, etc.
  • Size: Customizable
  • Thickness: single piece of glass 3-25mm, total thickness can be customized
  • Aluminum glass window shape: square, rectangular, round, fan-shaped or customized shape, etc.
  • Aluminum profile color: white, gold, silver, brown, black, etc.
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