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Colored Laminated Building Glass, Stained Reflective Laminated Glass Sheet

Colored Laminated Building Glass, Stained Reflective Laminated Glass Sheet

CCC Stained Glass Sheets

Stained Reflective Glass Sheet

Colored Laminated Building Glass

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Laminated Glass JY-L301

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Product Details
Colored Laminated Glass
Standard Size:
1830x2440mm, 2140x3300mm, 2250x3300mm, 2440x3660mm Ect
Glass Thickness:
3+3mm, 4+4mm, 5+5mm, 6+6mm, 8+8mm, 10+10mm, 12+12mm 15+15mm, 19+19mm With Different Thickness Interlayer, Triple Layer, Four Layer, Five Layer, Etc.
PVB Thickness:
0.38mm And Multiple Of 0.38mm
Glass Color:
Clear, Ultra Clear, Grey, Green, Blue, Bronze, Etc.
PVB Color:
Green, Blue, Milk White, Clear,etc. Color As Customer
Glass Type:
Annealed Or Toughened Laminated Glass In Clear, Tinted, Reflective, Low Iron, Etched, Mirrored, Textured, Colorsmart,Thermocolour, Screen Printing, And Low E Combinations
10 Years
Project Solution:
Total Solution For Projects
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 wooden box
Packaging Details
Wooden box
Delivery Time
Payment Terms
T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
Product Description

Colored Laminated Building Glass, Stained Reflective Laminated Glass Sheet


Colored laminated glass is a versatile and innovative building material that combines aesthetic appeal with enhanced safety features. It is created by sandwiching one or more layers of colored interlayer material between two or more sheets of glass, which are then bonded together using heat and pressure. This unique manufacturing process results in a durable, visually appealing product that finds extensive applications in both residential and commercial settings.


Joy Shing Glass supplies high-quality colored laminated glass, and the price is more favorable if purchased wholesale. We can produce and further process glass according to requirements, including size, shape, thickness, color, edges, corners, holes, etc.



Product name
Colored Laminated Glass
Model JY-L301
Glass Thickness
3+3, 4+4, 5+5, 6+6, 8+8, 10+10, 12+12, 15+15, 19+19mm, etc.
PVB Thickness 0.38mm and multiple of 0.38mm
Clear, ultra clear, grey, green, blue, bronze, etc. customized.
Min. 150x150mm, Max.3300mmx22000mm, Custom sizes
Shape Square, rectangular, round, trapezoid or custom shape
Self explosion rate
Can achieve <3/1000(China standard: <1/1000)
Thickness tolerance: within 0.2mm; Dimension tolerance: normally within 1mm
Safety, Environmental Protection, Energy conservation
CE, ISO, CCC, BS6206, SGCC, SII etc
Building structure or interior and exterior decoration, such as doors, windows, glass partition wall, cubicle walls, back wall decoration, glass table top, decorative glass paneling, decorative windows or shop fronts, glass balustrades, glass screen, glass roof system, glass display racks, and anywhere you want.
Wooden crate or customize



1. Aesthetic Versatility: Colored laminated glass is available in a variety of colors and shades to create a unique architectural aesthetic.

2. Colored laminated glass has excellent safety. Unlike traditional glass, which shatters into sharp, dangerous shards on impact, laminated glass remains intact even if it breaks due to the use of an intermediate layer of material. This feature reduces the risk of injury and provides resistance to theft, making it an ideal choice for areas where safety is paramount.

3. Anti-ultraviolet: Colored laminated glass can effectively block 99% of ultraviolet rays, protecting indoor furnishings and occupants from damage caused by long-term exposure.

4. Sound insulation: The lamination process significantly improves the sound insulation capabilities of colored laminated glass. It effectively reduces noise transmission, creating a quieter and more peaceful environment. This feature is particularly beneficial in areas with high noise pollution, such as busy urban centers or near transportation hubs.


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Colored Laminated Building Glass, Stained Reflective Laminated Glass Sheet 1Colored Laminated Building Glass, Stained Reflective Laminated Glass Sheet 2
Colored Laminated Building Glass, Stained Reflective Laminated Glass Sheet 3
Colored Laminated Building Glass, Stained Reflective Laminated Glass Sheet 4

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