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Aluminum Glass Door Solutions

Aluminum Glass Door Solutions

Aluminum Glass Door Solutions

Customized Glass Door Solutions

Heat Insulation Aluminum Glass Door

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Product Details
Aluminum Glass Door
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Folding Door, Sliding Door, Swing Door, Etc. Customized
Laminated Glass, Insulated Glass, Aluminum Profile, Hardware, Etc.
Heat Insulation, Sound Insulation, Safety, Lighting, Etc.
5 Years Guarantee After Delivery
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1 wooden box
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Coner protection + PE foam protection + 5 layers corrugated carton / honey comb carton
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T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
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Product Description

Joy Shing Glass can customize aluminum glass doors as required, providing you with integrated aluminum glass door solutions, glass customization and deep processing, hardware accessories, installation guidance, professional technical advice and other services. The glass door after preliminary assembly can be installed and used directly. It is widely used in commercial buildings, office buildings and residential buildings.


Provide Integrated Aluminum Glass Door Solutions

1. Types of Aluminum Glass Doors

① Available according to the opening method,

  • Swing door: Swing door is one of the most common door types. They are available as single or double leaves and are attached to the door frame by hinges at the sides or top. Swing doors can be opened inward or outward, providing convenient access and good ventilation and lighting effects.
  • Sliding door: Sliding door is also called sliding door or sliding door. They consist of two or more door leaves that push and pull open on the door frame via a sliding rail system. Sliding doors save space and provide wide access. They are often used in large openings such as balconies, terraces and commercial facades.
  • Folding door: Folding door consists of multiple door leaves, connected to each other through hinges. They fold inward or outward and stack completely on one side when open. Folding doors are suitable for places that require large openings and no shelter, such as indoor and outdoor dividing walls, patio and garden doors.
  • Revolving door: A revolving door is a circular door with a rotation center that can rotate in two directions. They usually consist of multiple layers of glass panels that rotate via a shaft and drive system. Revolving doors provide a high degree of air tightness and sound insulation and are suitable for high-traffic entrances and exits, such as shopping malls, hotels and airports.
  • Frameless glass door: Frameless glass door has a stylish and simple appearance. They usually consist of a single piece of tempered or laminated glass that is secured to the door frame using specialized hardware. Frameless glass doors provide unobstructed views and maximize natural light, creating a modern and elegant look.

Types of Aluminum Glass Doors

② Available according to frame material,

  • Aluminum doors, broken bridge aluminum doors, UPVC doors, etc.

We can provide you with the type of glass door that best suits your specific needs, based on factors such as use, architectural style, space constraints, safety requirements and desired aesthetics.


2. Glass Options For Aluminum Glass Doors

  • Tempered glass: Tempered glass (also called safety glass) is specially treated to have higher strength and impact resistance. If shattering occurs, tempered glass breaks into small particles, reducing the risk of injury to personal safety. Often used at store fronts or entrances to public places.
  • Laminated glass: Laminated glass consists of a special PVB (polyvinyl chloride butyrate) film sandwiched between two or more layers of glass. This structure makes the glass stronger and has good sound insulation and UV protection properties. Laminated glass also provides a higher level of safety because even if the glass breaks, it is held together by a film that maintains the integrity of the glass structure.
  • Insulated glass: Made of two or more layers of glass with an air layer sandwiched between them, it has good heat insulation, sound insulation, and anti-condensation properties. Common insulating glass configurations include 5+6A+5, 5+9A+5, 6+9A+6, 6+12A+6, etc.
  • Low-e glass: Excellent thermal insulation and energy-saving performance, keeping the room cool or warm and reducing energy consumption.
  • Coated glass: One or more layers of metal or metal oxide films are formed on the surface of the glass through physical vapor deposition and other methods, which have the functions of heat insulation, sound insulation, and UV protection.
  • Privacy glass: Such as dimmable glass, patterned glass, frosted glass, etc., which are light-transmissive and non-see-through, and can protect privacy very well.


3. High Quality Hardware
Including handles, locks, seals, hinges, latches, pulleys, etc. We can provide matching hardware according to the type of glass door.


4. More Customization
The size, shape, style, opening method, color, function, etc. of aluminum alloy glass doors can all be customized. Provide you with integrated and personalized glass door solutions. For more details, styles, quotations, etc., please contact us.

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