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Extra Large Tempered Laminated Glass For Glass Bridge


Latest company news about Extra Large Tempered Laminated Glass For Glass Bridge

Extra Large Tempered Laminated Glass For Glass Bridge


Application scene: Housha Square, Yantai Development Zone, Shandong, China

Products used:

Name:extra tempered laminated glass



Product features: large size, high safety, suitable for large glass bridges and viewing platforms in scenic spots.

Product photo:

extra tempered laminated glass

Case background:

    With the iterative upgrading of urban development, the development zone government plans to build a new Housha Square in the urban renewal project. The government attaches great importance to the safety, environmental protection, aesthetics and practicality of the building in the planning. Among them, the viewing platform in the Housha Square project needs to use super-large tempered laminated glass.

    The government selected Yantai Joy Shing Glass Co., Ltd. as the supplier of all glass materials in this project after evaluating the company's strength, product quality, and service capabilities.

The production team of Yantai Joy Shing Glass Co., Ltd. produces products strictly in accordance with the requirements, and strictly controls every link in the production process to ensure quality and safety. In the end, our company's tempered laminated glass products were successfully applied to the project, and achieved good results, promoting urban modernization.



Overview of Housha Plaza:

    Yantai Housha Square is landscape designed by the world's top design company AECOM of the United States. From west to east, it is composed of Wangjiao covered bridge, viewing platform and activity venue, which can meet the different functional needs of citizens.

    Stepping here, the viewing platform protruding into the sea on one side is particularly eye-catching. The platform is 65 meters long and 4.8 meters wide, and it protrudes about 20 meters into the sea level. The two sides of the platform are tempered laminated glass guardrails. The design without column spacing makes the view of the sea wider. At the end of the platform, the middle floor was also replaced with tempered laminated glass, stepping on it, the scene of the stormy waves crashing on the shore is just under your feet, making people feel like they are in the middle of the sea. "This platform is designed to bear 5 tons, and there is no problem for 70 to 80 adults to stand on it.

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