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Insulated Glass Curtain Wall Case: Westin Hotel Group Glass Curtain Wall


Latest company news about Insulated Glass Curtain Wall Case: Westin Hotel Group Glass Curtain Wall

Project name: Yantai Westin Hotel Group

Application products:

Insulated glass curtain wall system, customized as required.

Product features:

Insulated glass curtain walls are not only beautiful, but also have excellent sound insulation, heat insulation, thermal insulation, energy saving, anti-condensation and other functions.

Glass supplier: Joy Shing Glass Co., Ltd.

Project instruction:
    The Yantai Westin Hotel Group project has a total construction area of 176,000 square meters. It is a landmark aesthetic building composed of internationally renowned brand hotels such as Westin Hotel, Aloft Hotel, and Hyatt Place Hotel. Its appearance design requires a high degree of coordination with the surrounding environment and can show a sense of modernity and fashion. The insulated glass curtain wall supplied by Joy Shing Glass fully meets the visual effects and functional requirements required by the hotel.
    In the early stages, the company team worked closely with the architect to fully understand the project requirements. Based on the research and analysis of the building's appearance, we proposed a plan to use insulated glass curtain walls, and further determined the specifications, color and appearance of the curtain wall glass.
    During the production process, we select high-quality glass and professional sealing materials to ensure product stability and durability. And strictly control every production link to ensure that the final product meets the requirements.
    At present, our company's insulaed glass curtain wall has been successfully used in this project and achieved good results.
    As a professional glass manufacturer and supplier, Joy Shing Glass will continue to be committed to providing high-quality products and efficient services for various construction projects. We can provide glass customization and processing according to requirements, provide integrated glass project solutions, online technical support, etc. If you are looking for high-quality glass suppliers, feel free to contact us.

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